Align your senses with
light, sound & vibration

Innovative experiences and creative tools that push the boundaries of multi-sensory experiences

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Our offering

Next-gen tools for multi-sensory content creation and playback

Tools and content for multi-sensory creation

An ecosystem of best-in-class software and content that make multi-sensory journeys easy and fun to create, whether for yourself or your business.

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Synchronized Light/Sound/Vibration

Get started with Prism Studio, our flagship software for quickly crafting content for multi-sensory experiences and brainwave entrainment.

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Growing content library

We created these tools for ourselves as well! We love crafting these journeys, and have an ever-expanding library of content and templates. Please get in touch to discuss licensing.

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Enterprise-ready licensable platform

Building a business on multi-sensory hardware and content? License our robust LumaSonic Engine, a complete ecosystem for your content creation and delivery needs.

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Everything you need

Cross-platform tools for creation and playback of multi-sensory content for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Explore our suite of tools for more details.

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Custom platform integration

We offer Services that will give you the competitive edge, with custom software and hardware integration for our entire platform.

Interested in Licensing or Beta Testing?