From brainwave entrainment to psychedelic-assisted therapy and location-based wellness entertainment, our LumaSonic Engine and Prism Studio tools are built to streamline the entire process of multi-sensory content creation and delivery.

Whether you're looking to create and play back  content on an existing platform such as mind machines and VR headsets, or want integrate our engine into your own custom hardware, we have you covered.

LumaSonic Engine & Prism Studio

Simplify the process of creating multi-sensory content with Prism Studio , or leverage the power of our multi-platform LumaSonic Engine to encode/decode content for your custom platform.

Multi-platform Engine

Design once and play back on multiple hardware platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Raspberry Pi.

Suite of Creation Tools

Supercharge your content creation pipeline using a rich ecosystem of tools built upon the rock-solid foundation of audio production software.

Platform Integration

Interested in integration the LumaSonic Engine into your custom platform for encoding and decoding multi-sensory content? We can help with custom integration into your product, from hardware to software, to create a seamless ecosystem for your team to build upon.


Want the power of the LumaSonic Engine running directly within your platform? We can integrate it for you.


We can prototype custom hardware to take advantage of our flexible cross-platform tools, running on everything from a Raspberry Pi to a high-end desktop PC.

Training & Support

We will insure smooth integration into your content creation pipeline, from hands-on training to custom creation of content and tooling for your team. Begin your journey to multi-sensory mastery!

Software Training

We provide one-on-one training to get you up to speed quickly on our tools and best practices.

Research and Development

Need help speeding up your content creation pipeline? We can create custom DAW templates fit to purpose for your needs.

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Interested in signing up for the Prism Studio early access program, hiring us for custom development, or partnering to integrate our platform?

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