What is multi-sensory?

...and why does it matter?

Enveloping the senses for complete immersion

When we refer to multi-sensory, we mean the combination of three or more senses (sight, hearing, and touch), utilized simultaneously to stimulate a therapeutic response.

Synchronizing signals and content across the senses creates more compelling experiences, leading to deeper states and a massive leap in immersion.

We need tools specifically designed to craft content with all of these senses combined holistically, opening up a new design space of creative potential.

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On a mission to supercharge healing for the masses

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The story behind us

We've always been passionate about the intersection of art and technology, and have continually pursued projects that combine our creative and engineering skills. This has led us to build everything from collaborative creative tools to Virtual Reality experiences and educational platforms.

Facing personal traumas though, we wanted to reimagine our skills to contribute to our own healing proces
s. Through this discover and inspiration, we found a fusing of technology and healing modalities that were incredibly effective, pointing the way forward to an exciting and empowering future.

We're now on a mission to share these tools with the world.

The journey forward

We envision a world filled with happy, thriving humans deeply connected to nature and each other.

We want to provide a space for shelter and safe harbor from the noise and chaos of the world, bringing focus to a grounded, familiar, and fundamental core.

We've created the tools and guidance for others to spread these techniques with the world, enabling everyone to take healing into their own hands.

This journey encourages us to be curious and playful as well. Have fun with the process!

What are we up to?

Evolving Technology & Techniques

Developing innovative experiences and creative tools that push the boundaries of multi-sensory experiences.

Interweaving Science & Creativity

Merging human expressiveness with precision control and reproducibility.

Lowering Barriers

Unifying and simplifying creation and delivery.

The values that drive
everything we do


We create tools to simplify the creation process, enabling anyone with the interest to become a creator in this fascinating and powerful space.


Our core purpose is to share knowledge and build a thoughtful, resilient community of creators and users, exploring together.


We strongly believe in scientific research and a focus on real-world efficacy over hype and buzzwords.


Though we have a therapeutic focus, a primary driver for us is playful curiosity, exploring the awe and wonder that these experiences bring.

Leadership team

Who is Cymatic Somatics?


Michael Everett

Michael is a prolific developer, musician, and multi-media artist. He has led the creation of multiple platforms, enabling everything from community based filmmaking to our rich ecosystem of multi-sensory content creation tools. He is an avid nature enthusiast, finding inspiration and rejuvenation in the outdoors.


Josiah Jordan

Josiah has a diverse background in technology and multimedia art, winding a path from aerospace engineer to virtual reality educator, filmmaker, and DNA musician. In his spare time he feeds his rock climbing obsession and experiments with VFX platforms.

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