Prism Studio

The unified solution for crafting exquisite immersive experiences for current and next-gen light and sound devices.

Prism main interface

Light & Sound Intertwined

Prism Studio is an innovative suite of tools designed to precisely control light, sound and vibration by encoding the lighting signals directly into sound.

Using a unified workflow built around industry-standard audio technologies, creating and synchronising exquisite, high framerate multi-sensory content has never been easier.

Accessible and Inspiring

Spend more time in creative flow and less time troubleshooting complex audiovisual systems.

Designed for Visionary Creators

Whether creating relaxing inner journeys, precise brainwave entrainment sessions, high framerate audiovisual art, or exploring the deep somatic benefits of adding vibration to light and sound, Prism Studio was designed for you.

Powered by the LumaSonic Engine

A robust codec and portable playback engine designed to simplify the encoding and distribution of multi-sensory content via standard audio formats and live broadcast.

Encode for supported platforms out of the box, or integrate Prism Studio and the LumaSonic Engine into your own products or projects. See licensing for more details.


Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

Extensive Compatibility

Supports AudioStrobe and SpectraStrobe mind machines, Meta Quest and Quest 2 (via Unity), and Raspberry Pi for custom integration or prototyping.

Robust Set of Tools


Frequency Sync

Globally synchronized frequency control for light, sound & vibration, with manual or tempo-based controls

Light Encoding

Encode using modern standards for brainwave entrainment: LumaSonic, SpectraStrobe & AudioStrobe

Tone Generator

Create frequency-synced tone layers using Isochronic, Binaural, and Monaural beats

Audio Input Modulation

Create audio-reactive visuals by modulating the signal based on any audio source (such as a microphone)

Waveform Selector

Choose between Sine, Saw, Triangle and Pulse waveforms to modulate light, sound & vibration signals


Independent tone layer for somatic entrainment via vibration (for use with hardware such as the Subpac S2)

LumaSonic and AudioStrobe

Monitor LumaSonic and AudioStrobe encoded signals in real-time

VST/AU Compatible

Built on VST3 and AU plug-in standards, compatible with any DAW that supports these formats

Live Preview

Color preview of signal output, as well as detailed VU meters with dB level across all signal channels

Threshold Trigger

A threshold indicator triggers when audible frequencies begins to interfere with the encoded visual signals

VST/AU Compatible

Built on VST3 and AU plug-in standards, compatible with any DAW that supports these formats

Pre and Post-Filter Preview

Preview the resulting signal before and after the filter has been applied, or bypass the filter entirely

Perfectly Synchronised

Precise, high framerate visuals embedded directly in the audio stream for optimized delivery

Live Performance Ready

From audiovisual DJ experiences to group brainwave entrainment and psychedelic multi-sensory podcasts, the possibilities are wide open

Broadcast Server

We give you the tools to easily create and control your own broadcast server, paying only for what you use

LumaSonic Decoded

Decode your Prism Studio produced audio content directly within Unity and enhance your experiences with the world of 3D graphics and interactivity

Built-in Player

Turnkey multi-sensory player with standard playback controls, playlist support, live streaming, and timeline scrubbing, integrated into Unity's own Timeline workflow

High Performance Visuals

Achieve hundreds of frames per second of exquisite visuals precisely synchronised within the audio. Apply the high-fps control signals to color or any other aspect of your Unity scene

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